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     Ryan is a 29 year old artist from Uxbridge, Ontario.  With a love for adventure and witnessing the beauty of nature, this is where he most often finds his inspiration.


    As he grew up, family camping trips sparked his enthusiasm for the outdoors, which later motivated him to study Environmental Science and Conservation Biology at Trent University.  Ryan is passionate about conservation and hopes that he can inspire others to gain an appreciation for nature and become responsible stewards of God's Creation for future generations to enjoy. 


   Ryan now works full-time at as the Program Director of The Fair Havens Outdoor Classroom, passing along his curiosity for nature to families and students through outdoor education! 


Little Ryan. Fall Colours on HIKE.jpg
Ryan early pond study.jpg
Young Ryan. Yurt Camping. Chickadee in H

"My artwork is inspired by a childhood wonder of a bug's eye view, nature's many interesting faces and the ability to share and conserve God's creation through art."


Ryan Lamoureux (2).jpg
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